Concertina, Machin’s rhythm

Zumu, Museum on the move, The Zogloweck factory, Nahariya, 2022

Shay Zilberman created an intricate concertina especially for Zumu Nahariya out of ten collages dealing with subjects relating to life and the factory.

Zilberman, who collects images from abandoned books and breaths new life into them by connecting them, manages to magically merge images from disparate and diverse worlds into a concise and powerful language of imagery. 

His concertina (an accordion-like collection of pages) resembles a production line in a factory on which different images are placed, which have been created out of mysterious collages. Zilberman connects, with great ease, the living natural world to industry, mechanics to concrete or man to machine to create new imaginative hand-made images through hard, meticulous work.

Curator: Shua Ben Ari